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Moving through difficult times while maintaining your health, humanity, and humor.

So - you are looking for a therapist? That is great news, because reaching out for support is proof that you are brave and capable of facing difficult things. With effective therapy, you can move through this period of transition with grace and come out the other side wiser and healthier. This process will not always be easy. Therapy is not about removing pain or challenges. It is about acknowledging the pain and challenges and learning how to work with them to grow and improve our lives in healthy ways.

This is also not about minimizing the pain you have experienced, or are going through right now. It is about finding the opportunities offered within the pain to do life differently, to enhance the relationships you have, or create new and healthier relationships. Relationships are at the center of the work that I do, even when I work with only one person at a time. Our problems always exist within the context of relationship: whether that is with family, friends, co-workers, spiritual communities, or larger communities where we live and work.

You are the expert on your life. You live it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and I can only hope to learn a small fraction about your experience and your perspective of the world. Therapy is not about giving advice or telling you what is best for you. I will work with you to find the answers and solutions that are best for you, help you see your situation in different ways, and provide suggestions and tools that may be helpful in making positive changes in your life.

Together we will discuss your life circumstances to determine what is not working well right now, and how you would like it to work better. We are partners on this part of your journey, taking one step at a time to figure out what works, and what makes sense for you.


I work with individuals, couples, and families to uncover your strengths, as well as the interactions that are not helpful. We work together to make your relationships healthier and more enjoyable. My main goal is to help create relationships that are supportive, challenge us in healthy ways, and allow space for us to grow into our best selves. We are always learning, growing, and evolving, which can challenge the expectations we have in long-term relationships.

I invite you to contact me when you are ready to look at life differently and do some work to make your life more productive, satisfying, and more meaningful. Please see the contact page for ways to connect with me.


All are welcome here

I honor and welcome clients from all backgrounds. We each have our histories and experiences within multiple systems (families, schools, communities, nations, cultures, religions, etc.) and these experiences help create the amazing, unique beings that we are. This multitude of uniqueness enhances our world and deserves to be respected, valued, and cherished.


I work to understand the privileges I am afforded in our society and fight against racism, sexism, violence, oppression, and discrimination of any kind. As a human being, I make mistakes and have a lot of learning to do. My intention is to create a safe space where you can explore parts of yourself and your experiences that may be difficult to examine. I welcome feedback regarding how I can create a safer space for you and your concerns.

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