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Facilitating End of Life Conversations

Talking with loved ones about death can be uncomfortable and difficult. Most people acknowledge the importance of end of life planning and having these conversations with loved ones. However very few people actually complete a health care directive or living will, or have these conversations. We will meet with you and any loved ones that you want involved, in your home, to help facilitate conversations and sit with you as you complete paperwork that clearly states your wishes for end of life care.

End of Life Doula Services


Vigil Planning: determining what is most important to you to bring about the best possible death, as you define it.

Life Review and Legacy Work: working with you to determine how your life has had meaning and how that meaning can be passed along, even after your death.

Vigils: assisting loved ones in carrying out the vigil planning and final wishes of the dying person.

Why is it important to talk about end of life care?


  • To ease your mind regarding your end of life care and support

  • To ease the minds of your loved ones regarding your wishes for end of life care

  • To clearly state your wishes for end of life care

  • To communicate clearly with medical providers what are your wishes

  • To let all people involved in your care know about your wishes

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